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Autoplus Service Centre performs vehicle repairs, maintenance and diagnostic tests for all vehicles, makes and models.
Located near Chatswood, contact our team for a free quote.


AutoPlus has been established for over 15 years, providing quality mechanical repairs and expert advice. Autoplus can complete maintenance, transmission repairs, suspension, rxhaust, brakes, diagnostics, electrical work, batteries, logbook servicing and air-conditioning maintenance.


AutoPlus has been a Local Business Awards recognised finalist numerous times over the past several years. "The Local Business Awards acknowledge outstanding local businesses and their people who go above and beyond - providing an exceptional customer service centre.”


We believe in providing great support and facilities for our staff and customers. Our service centre utilises new diagnostics tools for pinpointing errors, hoists, tools and equipment. We have added a coffee bar, fridge and remodelled our office for our customer comforts during busy times.


Looking for a vehicle inspection service centre chatswood, but too busy and can’t get there? AutoPlus offer loan car hire and vehicle pick up to make your next service easy. Autoplus is committed to providing outstanding mechanical car services advice, repairs and pricing. We understand that quick and accurate inspection is essential.


Vehicle lubricant changes remove & reduce excess engine build-up inside your engine. A complete oil change can remove sludge which is commonly found in vehicles, allowing for a more efficient engine and better performance. Has your car been serviced recently… AutoPlus are here to help, contact our friendly team for a free quote.


Don’t Panic Mechanic Pty Ltd trades as AutoPlus, based in Chatswood.
Transport for NSW Roads and Maritime authorises suitably qualified people to inspect and certify vehicles. AutoPlus is an authorised vehicle service centre. To find your local authorised service centre view Transport NSW website.

AutoPlus Service Centre

AutoPlus Service Centre has an experienced and trained team of trained and qualified mechanics who provide advice, maintenance repairs, tuning and support. AutoPlus has a strong business culture and vision to constantly strive for exceptional service centre maintenance and five star customer satisfaction.

Hornsby Service Center

Service Centre Facilities

  • Newly renovated workshop and tools
  • Updated diagnostic tools for all makes and models
  • Air-conditioning re-gassing stations
  • Hydraulic car hoists
  • Newly fitted out lounge and rest area for customers
  • Customer access to coffee bar and fridge
    Autoplus provide a range of services, including:
  • Inspections and maintenance on all vehicles
  • Performs engine & transmission repairs
  • Log book servicing and fleet cars
  • European vehicle specialist
  • Suspension, brakes and pads
  • Air-conditioning, exhausts and batteries

M3/M4 & M2 Competition Upgrades

logoAll our upgrade package prices are parts supplied, fitted and drive-away.
AutoPlus Service Centre specialises in BMW performance builds and currently holds the record for the most powerful S55
engine equipped M vehicle in Australia, as well as the lowest ET and fastest mph trap speed on the 1/4 mile.
* The BMW M3/M4 & M2 Competition with its S55 engine delivers approximately 290rwkW stock standard from the factory.
To learn more about BMW engine performance, tuning and upgrades visit us at autoplusracing.com.au

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AutoPlus Service Centre has an experienced and trained team of mechanics who focus on automotive performance, car efficiency, diagnostics, maintenance and repairs. Our AutoPlus team has a vision and commitment to constantly provide exceptional automotive and customer service.

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AutoPlus Service Centre
P: (02) 9906 2626
M: 0413 855 555

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